The Grief Journey

If you are stumbling anywhere in your grief journey, grief support is available to you.  The Grief Support Group is a community-wide service offered through Chisholm Trail Hospice, as service of Duncan Regional Hospital.  It is open to anyone, not just hospice families.  The group is informal, meeting over the lunch hour, and participants are welcome to bring lunch.

You can attend regularly or on a drop-in basis.  It can be used to address grief from a loss that is recent, from long ago, or that you expect in the near future.  This loss could be related to the death of a loved one, a friend or relative facing terminal illness, having a loved one placed in a nursing home, or any other major life change.

Eryn Bull, MSW, LCSW, hospice social worker, and Glenn McGee, MA, hospice chaplain, facilitate the group.  They understand grief and loss and want to help.  The team can offer valuable resources to help you understand your grieving process.  Other participants who are on their grief journey can offer concern and support as well.

Are you newly grieving the loss of a partner, family member or friend? A confidential setting facilitated by a hospice bereavement volunteer. Group discussion and activities will allow you to find comfort and strength through sharing with others like you. The Newly Breaved Grief Care Group meets every Tuesday in the DRH Learning Center at 2202 Duncan Regional Loop Rd. This program is designed to provide a safe, supportive, and confidential setting facilitated by hospice bereavement volunteer, Susan Gassaway, RN, MS. Call 580-251-8764 or email hospice@duncanregional.com for more information.