Hands on Health Interactive Learning Center

The Duncan Regional Hospital Hands on Health Interactive Learning Center is designed and developed to the highest standards of experiential and educational excellence. It is designed for students from first through 5th grade to explore, interact, and discover key learnings that will shape their lives and their careers. For some, it will be the starting point to ignite a passion for further education and a career in healthcare. For all, it will be the beginning of a positive, lifelong understanding of personal responsibility for one's own health. Most of all, it will be FUN, creating the very best means to really learn!

This 2,400 square foot facility, located on the DRH campus, opened in July of 2008, booking school tour after school tour of excited, ready-to-learn students.

Hands on Health Birds Eye View Hands on Health Head View
Hands on Health Arrive Alive Hands on Health Surgical View


One example of the 12 high-tech, high-touch exhibits that will be found in the interactive center is the Surgical Suite. Students will first visit the Doctors Lounge where they will put on surgical gowns and disposable caps and masks. They will then proceed to the hand Scrub Station where they first view their germ-laden hands under a black light. Students will wash their hands with real soap and water, with the aid of a constant timer onscreen, as they see and hear grade-level appropriate messages about the importance of hand washing and prevention of infectious disease. After using the air dryer, students check their hands under a second black light display to see the effects of hand-washing. As they enter the Surgical Suite through the swinging metallic doors, they discover a life-like mannequin in a see-through acrylic "operating theatre". One visitor delivers anesthesia, while 2 surgical teams in the roles of surgeon and OR nurse receive video/audio-based instructions/challenges to perform surgery on either the heart or the knee. There are 3 rotating sets of instructions/challenges, so the students waiting their turn will have a different experience.

For more information about Hands on Health or to schedule a school tour, contact Tracie Thomas, at 580-251-8211