The DRH Culture

One can tell so much about an organization by experiencing their “culture”.  The culture of a company drives their mission, values and their goals. It also says a lot about the way they treat their customers and their employees.

The culture, or a set of shared attitudes, of a company is the very thread of what makes and keeps a company successful, innovative, trustworthy and a great place to be whether a customer or an employee.

The culture of Duncan Regional Hospital is a long standing tradition and something that has been cultivated and nurtured over the last 35 years. It is an attitude, a shared passion for integrity, safety, compassion and innovation that has created the DRH culture and lives in every decision that we make and everything that we do. Regardless of the department or the team member, this culture is what makes us special. It is nothing tangible; you cannot see it as a thing, but rather in the many acts of kindness and the countless extraordinary acts of care we provide to our patients and guests. These “acts” can be seen in our patient rooms and in patient care, team members across our organization that make such a positive difference in our patients experience. These professionals have the culture of “excellence” as part of their DNA. The very best are chosen to be a part of the phenomenal team of patient care professionals at DRH. Whether it is a front line patient care provider, or one behind the scenes making sure our patients are provided that extra level of safety, no one cares more then these people.  Never doubt their patients come first!

The “culture” is also seen every day and night in our support staff through housekeeping, engineering, and our materials departments. Our Atrium Café has a following of its own. It is very rare to see a popular eating establishment in your hospital café! There are so many departments that live this culture every day and who are not seen, they remain quiet but mighty contributors to the success of our organization.   This “culture” is a powerful thing and capable of creating the positive outcomes that we know are important to our patients and guests. Look at some of our other services. Our Wound Care Center, Physician Practice Management, Imaging Center, Home Care, Hospice, it goes on and on. The “culture” lives there too, or they would not exist.

The best thing about the DRH culture is that it is ever changing, evolving, growing, but always with those “shared attitudes” in mind. Those “shared attitudes” of compassion, integrity, innovation and safety. For DRH, these are not just words, but the culture with which we base our reputation. They ARE the culture that we live and experience every day. 

As a team member I enjoy the greetings and smiles I get in the hallways from everyone I pass who is wearing a team member badge. I enjoy the passion I see from our staff and the pride I know they experience in where they work and what they do!  That is the DRH culture! That is what makes us exceptional and that is why we will continue to be the premier healthcare leader is southwest Oklahoma!        

Sheila Crissman
Team Member Relations Coordinator