Making a Difference – One Child at a Time

In December 2012, Oklahoma native Kevin Jones put on a one-man show of “A Christmas Carol”.  Over 70 people attended his performance and in turn they helped a child.  The proceeds of the event were used to purchase equipment that will help children going through outpatient rehabilitation.

Read how your donations are making a difference:

“The boxes just started arriving this week and we therapists have been like kids on Christmas morning just waiting to tear in to the boxes.  We spent this morning getting everything out and put together and we are so excited! 

All of the items we've ordered have multiple uses with children of all ages and abilities and with each therapy discipline.  One of the bigger items we've received is the two-wheel kid size wheelbarrow.  I'm anticipating several of our kiddos will have a ball with this and we will get lots of good work from them in the process. 

Along with the colorful weighted Fitness Donuts, kids will be working toward improved strength and balance while loading up their favorite toys and hauling them around the clinic in no time.  Lots of our toy sets follow a primary color theme with the same 6 bright primary colors so it gives us limitless ways to keep therapy fun while reinforcing color recognition, matching and sequencing skills. 

The Bean Bag Frogs, Color Cone Set, and Stability Pads are just a few of the colorful sets that will allow us to construct fun obstacle courses, work on throwing and catching skills and following directions. 

We are very excited to have the Bubble Mania.  This is a switch-activated bubble machine that will allow us to work on cause and effect, purposeful movement and communication with our most affected children.  If a child can do something as simple as push a button, turn their head, squeeze their hand, or move their leg or arm, they will be able to get oodles of bubbles! 

We were able to purchase several new pool toys that can be utilized by speech, occupational and physical therapists to improve our aquatic therapy program. 

Cindy has already had a chance to use the new board games and says the kids have loved them and they are very motivating. 

The occupational therapists were able to order several new items to help with fine motor development including the Zoo Sticks, Theraputty, Adapted Scissors, a Construction Set and a system for teaching shoe tying.

The pediatric Ball Chair will allow our children with sensory and attention difficulties to have improved focus as well as being useful for children who need work on improved core muscle strength. 

We were also able to add a third IPAD to our pediatric department.  The two we have are constantly in use and usually someone is looking for one, so it will be very helpful. 

We are so thankful for the DRH Foundation's dedication and work and their willingness to donate to our department.  It is such a blessing to have the tools to affect change in a child's life.”

- Shelly Conley

To see how you can make a difference, contact the DRH Health Foundation office at (580) 251-8211.