3D Mammography A Safer Technology

3D Mammography A Safer Technology with Higher Quality Results Available In Southwest Oklahoma.

DUNCAN, OK-A recent study published in the June edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association provided information on how newer technologies are improving the ability for physicians to detect breast cancer while providing a safer screening process for patients. Researchers now say that newer screening techniques, such as 3 D mammography, have a higher percentage of accuracy detecting very small tumors that could be missed by older mammography techniques.  As well, the study determined that there was a 15 percent decrease in the number of false positive results using 3D mammography.

“I consider the new 3D mammography the new ‘Standard of Care’ for Breast Center patients.  I continue to be amazed at what I can see on the 3D study compared to the old 2D study!” said Nathan Elfrink M.D., Board Certified Radiologist at Duncan Regional Hospital.

While mammography is a flat picture more like a traditional x-ray, 3D mammography (or tomosynthesis) uses computers to give physicians greater clarity and detail with the ability to manipulate, rotate and move multiple images of the breast with greater consistency on a computer screen.  The advanced capability gives the physician a better view and higher quality images than ever before.

Curtis Holmes, BSRT (ARRT)R, Director of Imaging Services at Duncan Regional Hospital said, “After a year’s experience with 3D technology, I now recommend to my friends and relatives that live in other locations that they need a facility that offers 3D.  This recommendation may mean they have to move to a new center or travel to access the technology, but I feel that the difference is well worth it to get better images and higher quality results.”

While 3D mammography is only available in a small number of places across the country, it is available in Southwest Oklahoma right now. DRH Imaging, a Certified Breast Center of Excellence,  installed 3D mammography capabilities in July of 2013 and continues to be one of only five (5) places in Oklahoma to offer this advanced technology service.  Duncan Regional Hospital encourages patients to speak with their physician or care provider about 3D mammography, and we also encourage anyone with questions to call and speak to our nurse navigator at 580.251.6687.

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