Occupational Health

At Duncan Regional Hospital Occupational Health Services, we focus on: industrial rehabilitation, providing services to our business community, promoting health and safety, reducing the incidence of lost work time and reducing the total cost of disability claims for companies.

Pre-Employment Screening

Physical exams and pre-placement testing are very valuable in determining if new employees will be able to perform their jobs within the standard risks associated with the occupation. They are also valuable in placing individuals with pre-existing conditions or current health problems in positions that offer lower risk of injury.

These exams may also identify current health problems that may need evaluation and treatment in order to maintain a healthier work force. A pre-placement test is the first step in establishing the worker's ability to perform a certain set of tasks.

Our Occupational Health Service offers the following:

  • Collection site for Drug/Alcohol screening
  • Carpal Tunnel Testing
  • Post-Offer Employment Testing
  • Fitness for Duty Testing
  • Injury Prevention Consultation/Education
  • Ergonomic Analysis
  • Post-Injury Return to Work Programs


The WorkSTEPS program includes functional and medical testing based on actual job demands and has been found to be valid and reproducible. Baseline health information collected during these tests has proven to be invaluable to employers and employees in terms of personal health maintenance as well as the treatment and return to work of employees injured on the job. Licensed/certified team members deliver these functional testing services. WorkSTEPS tests are conducted in compliance with federal statutes, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and Department of Transportation requirements.

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